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PhD Student Papers

To gain a better understanding of the fundamental literature used in this course, one can go through some of the papers produced by PhD candidates as part of the asessment for this course. The papers take an approach to technology in developement that should reflect the content of the course, provide literature reviews and/or apply the approaches developed in the literature to real world cases. 


Bilal Mizra Paper Bijker 2006 - On the Footsteps of Technology

Daniel Vertesy Paper Bijker 2006 Appropriate Technologies? Inappropriate Question

Flavia Carvalho Paper Bijker 2006 - Technological revolutions in everyday lives

Gezahegn Teklu Paper Bijker 2006 - Biogas towards Rural development in Nepal and the role of Technology Users therein

Nora Engel Paper Bijker 2006 - Technology users in developing countries


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