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Sectoral System of Innovation Syllabus


In this course, the students will develop in-depth understanding of Sectoral systems of innovation. In ten lectures, we will focus on basic concepts, theory, research questions and findings from recent empirical research. The course will introduce first the basic concepts of innovation systems, and then will focus on the sectoral systems of innovation. It will analyse the building blocks and interactions in sectoral systems of innovation; the role of knowledge, networks, actors and institutions; dynamics of sectoral systems of innovation; measurement of the performance of the system; and sectoral dynamics and innovation activities. The last four lectures of the course will present empirical studies of sectoral systems of innovation in two modern and three relatively traditional sectors.


The Course will be divided into ten modules. They are:

  1. Basic Concept of Innovation Systems
  2. Sectoral Systems of Innovation
  3. Role of Knowledge, Networks, Actors, and Institutions
  4. Dynamics of SSI
  5. Measurement of the Performance of the System
  6. Sectoral Dynamics and Innovation Activities
  7. Case Studies of Modern Sectors (7/8)
  8. Case Studies of Relatively Traditional Sectors (9/10)


Evaluation method: The assessment will have two components. Firstly, we would like to assess students’ understanding of SSI, which will be done by asking them to present case study on one of the five sectors (telecommunications, software, pharmaceuticals, machine- and medical-tools sectors). In the second component they will be asked to write a small paper running into four thousand words (7-10 pages). The paper should include concept, dynamics and measurement of performance of SSIs. Students will be required to present the paper. In the final assessment 70% of the weight will be given to paper and 30% to the sectoral case study presentation.

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