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Sample essay topics and presentation titles are provided in the below.

Essay Topics

  1. Institutions and SSI
  2. Knowledge networks and SSI
  3. Sector specificity and sectoral dynamics
  4. Innovations and sectoral dynamics
  5. Knowledge creation, technological accumulation ad the evolution of SSI
  6. Evaluation of the performance in SSI framework – limitations and prospect
  7. Technological regimes and SSI
  8. How SSI differ in sources of technological opportunities and degree of accessibility to knowledge
  9. Building blocks of SSI
  10. Cross-country differences in sectoral development: sources and factors
  11. Possible explanations of why countries reap different outcomes in development of sectors

Presentation titles

  1. Malerba - telecomm
  2. Malerba – software
  3. Malerba – machine tools
  4. Malerba – pharmaceuticals
  5. Heeks – software
  6. Sunil Mani – Indian telecomm
  7. Sunil Mani – Chinese telecomm
  8. Sunil Mani – pharmaceuticals
  9. Nadvi - Surgical tools
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