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PhD Student Papers

By means of a five page individual research paper, students are encouraged to dive deeper into the subject, on a topic of their choice. For those who would like to join efforts with others, a general subject is suggested (see syllabus). The paper should consist of (1) a well-defined (action-) research question; (2) a literature scan and review of some strands related to the subject; (3) findings - in terms of answers to the research question - and (4) suggestions - in terms of what to do next. The paper can not be more than 3000 words.


Bilal Mizra Paper Engel 2006 - Largest working for the poorest

Daniel Vertesy Paper Engel 2006 - Is knowledge always for development?

Flavia Carvalho Paper Engel 2006 - Evaluating Knowledge Flows within Industrial Clusters

Nora Engel and Ivan Kulis Paper Engel 2006 - Evaluating the social organization of innovation in (online) Communities of Practice

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