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Assignment 1


Please keep in mind the task ahead. A powerpoint presentation in favour or against the positive role of information technology (IT) and the knowledge economy, including a section on challenges for developing countries. The references provided under the heading "Readings- Lecture 9" should be considered as the starting point. You are free to draw on additional sources of information.


Assignment 2


The purpose of this assignment is to become familiar with sources of indicators and data on innovation dynamics. Furthermore, the real challenge is to elaborate on these facts under time pressure.


A suggested list of countries includes: China, Korea, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, India, Taiwan, Singapore, South Africa, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Each student is free to choose a country, as long as it is not covered by someone else. Having a wide selection of countries will be useful for our collective learning. Any additional country suggestions should first be checked with the lecturer.






Exam Questions Anthony Bartzokas 2006

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