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Course Outline


In this course, the student will develop an in-depth understanding of the Economics of Technological Change, with a special emphasis on issues related to economic change and innovation dynamics in the world economy. We will cover topics such as: how economists measure technological change; the microeconomic foundations of technological change; the impact of technology on growth and economic performance; technology policymaking in governments and international organizations; and relationships between technical change and location advantages. The course will be organised around 10 lectures, based on readings that students are expected to have absorbed prior to each class. Students' comprehension of basic theory will be tested in a homework assignment. Evaluation will be based on a student's ability to apply analytical concepts.

All "chapter" references refer to my incomplete manuscript on “The economics of technological change.” It can be downloaded as a zipped pdf at


Course Examination


Write a 10 page paper (pt 12 Times New Roman, Line spacing at 1.2, margins of at least 2,5 cm on all 4 sides) on a topic of your own choice, in the field of the economics of technical change. The paper should be well structured, containing a clear question, a critical survey of the literature, and a conclusion. Students are particularly encouraged to:

- Link topics covered in the course to broader development issues;

- Discuss the literature, including a few additional references beyond what has been covered in the assigned readings;

- Provide a critical discussion.




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