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Reading Material

List of reading material for this course, with links to open access reading if available.

All "chapter" references refer to: Bart Verspagen (incomplete version 2005), "The economics of technological change." Available at:


Lecture 1 - The economic impact of technological change and innovation: an historical overview


Chapter 1 and 3


Lecture 2 - Intellectual property rights: the role of patents in innovation


Chapter 2

David, P.A. (1993) "Intellectual Property Institutions and the Panda's Thumb: Patents, Copyrights, and Trade Secrets in Economic Theory and History." In Global Dimensions of Intellectual Property Rights in Science and Technology, edited by M.B. Wallerstein, M.E. Mogee and R.A. Schoen, 19-64. Washington, D.C.: National Academy Press. Similar paper available at:


Lecture 3 - The microeconomic foundations of the economic theory of innovation


Chapter 4

Van Cayseele, P. (1998) “Market structure and innovation: a survey of the last twenty years.” De Economist 146: 391-417.


Lecture 4 - Macroeconomic analysis of technological change


Chapter 6 and 7


Lecture 5 - Indicators of innovation and technological change: R&D and patents


Smith, K., (2004) “Measuring Innovation”, chapter 6 in Fagerberg, J., Mowery. D. and R.R. Nelson (eds), The Oxford Handbook of Innovation, Oxford University Press. For an overview of Keith Smith's ideas visit:

Griliches, Z. (1990). “Patent Statistics as Economic Indicators: A Survey.” Journal of Economic Literature XXVIII: 1661-1707.


Lecture 6 - Economic growth: an evolutionary view


Chapter 8

Silverberg, G., and Fagerberg, J. (1988). Why Growth Rates Differ. Technical Change and Economic Theory. G. Dosi, C. Freeman, R. R. Nelson, G. Silverberg and L. Soete. London, Pinter. 16: 87-99.


Lecture 7 - Endogenous growth theory


Chapter 9

Grossman, G. M. and E. Helpman (1991). Innovation and Growth in the Global Economy. Cambridge MA, MIT Press, chapter 3.


Lecture 8 - Globalization, location and innovation


Cantwell, J., and S. Iammarino. "EU regions and Multinational Corporations: Change, Stability and Strengthening of Technological Comparative Advantage." Industrial and Corporate Change 10 (2001): 1007-1037.

Krugman, P. (1990). Rethinking International Trade. Cambridge MA, MIT Press, chapter 7.


Lecture 9 - Evolving policy perspectives on innovation


Borras, S. and B.A Lundvall, Science, Technology and Innovation Policy, chapter 22 in Fagerberg, J., Mowery. D. and R.R. Nelson (eds), The Oxford Handbook of Innovation, Oxford University Press, 2004.


Lecture 10 - innovation studies: how the scholarly community works


Fagerberg, J. & B. Verspagen, Is There a Community of Innovation Scholars?, Paper for the 2006 DRUID conference. Available at:


Copyright 2013, by the Contributing Authors. Cite/attribute Resource. Reading Material. (2007, November 02). Retrieved October 28, 2013, from UN University OCW Web site: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Creative Commons License